Monday, 16 March 2009

Completed project!

These are the images of my finished pages from my magazine. Overall, I am very pleased with the results and I think that my magazine, if produced would be successful. I think that the colour scheme chosen was appropriate and looks eye catching and modern but still sophisticated. I wanted a more informative look for my magazine as opposed to the informal look of magazines such as NME. I think by my use of layout and style I have achieved this. I am very pleased with the photographs used in my magazine. They look very professional and are unique and different to the images found in existing classical music magazines such as BBC Music Magazine. I feel that the target audience, teenage classical musicians, would be attracted to my magazine, as it is based around a musician of the same age, and is also modern looking at the same time as being traditional. I have been able to satisfy this target audience, as I am a teenage classical musician, and so I know what this audience would read and like.

I think that the font used for my magazine works very well. It is edgy and unique and is not traditional. Young people are more familiar with these more modern, urban fonts, and so this will help in attracting the target audience. 

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