Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Analysis of a magazine article 2

This article, from the weekly music magazine NME, is only a single page instead of a double page spread. However the layout is interesting and the images are unique. The main image has been used as the main background of the page. The text has then been placed in a white box, with the title in a larger font and the name of the band is highlighted in a pink box below the title. The main part of this page is the main image, which is an action shot of one of the band members, this has a more striking effect than the other image, which is more of a portrait. This secondary image is boring and is not imaginative. However the overall layout of this article is eye catching and unique. As this magazine has a newspaper look, the bold black text on a white background fits in with this image. The language used in this article is much more informal than that of Sound On Sound. This is due to the target audience- the target audience for NME is teenagers and young adults, who are not necessarily musicians themselves. Although my magazine has the same target audience for age, my magazine is aimed at musicians and music students, and so will have to be quite informal but also technical and precise. I will have to use elements of both writing styles in my article.

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