Thursday, 5 February 2009

Analysis of a magazine article 4

This is a double page spread taken from Classic Fm magazine. This article is a review of "disc of the month" but also includes a short interview and a main article with information about the music on the cd in addition to the performers. The main image of this article is of opera stars with puppets from the opera production of Dido and Aeneas. The overall layout of this article is quite effective but is slighlty dated, and is not as striking as the NME layouts for example. The secondary image is of Sarah Connolly, the main singer in the opera. This action shot is not very appealing and looks rather strange. It also quite uninteresting. I like the logo for disc of the month which is placed onto the main article, and this adds a new shape to the article, a circle. The language used in this article is about the same sort of style that I will be using for my magazine. However, my magazine will have a more interesting layout and will be more informal in places. 

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