Thursday, 5 February 2009

Analysis of a magazine article 3

These two images are from a double page spread taken from NME magazine. These two pages are mainly black and white, which fits in with the overall newspaper look of this magazine. I like the layout of the main article in columns with a quote highlighted by swapping around the text colour and the box colour. This is also in a larger font than the main article. The title is spread across the two pages and the top line of the title is rotated and placed at an angle. This adds further interest to this layout. The main image, once again is used for the background of the page. The image is not that exciting but the bars used in the image are unique and link in with the title of "How to escape". The secondary image is an action shot of the musician with a guitar at a concert. This image is in colour and although the image is quite dark, the lighting used is coloured and so adds interest to the image. Overall I think that this is an effective and unique layout that would work in most music magazines. However the language, as mentioned previously in the last post is too informal for my audience.

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