Thursday, 5 February 2009

Analysis of a magazine article 5

This double page spread is taken from the American magazine "Hip Hop weekly", based on the music of hip hop this magazine has been expanded to cover the whole hip hop community. This article is mainly text but the language is quite informal. However, this is quite an informative article. The main image is of the artist, as is the secondary image. These images are not particularly unique and striking but serve their purpose at presenting the artist in two different ways, a staged portrait and an action shot of him working in the lab. I like the highlighted quotation from the artist at the top of the second page. This highlighting of a quotation is used regularly in music magazines, and is effective and depending on the fonts and colours look unique and interesting. The band across the top of the pages runs throughout the magazine with a different heading for each section. There is a lot of text in this article, and I feel that this could be reduced to make it more appealing to the reader. Also the images could be more interesting and the overall layout of the article could be improved to break up the text. Overall I think that this is a good layout for a magazine article, but would be better with less text and more interesting images. 

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