Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Main Article analysis 1

This is a scanned image of one of the articles in January 2009's Sound on Sound magazine. The layout of this article is more like a text book than a magazine. This magazine is a music production magazine, which includes lots of specialist and technical information, rather than a magazine which is more 'easy reading'. The images in this article are of music equipment, and are very uninteresting and are not very appealing to the audience. However, this magazine's audience will find this interesting as they will be interested in this equipment. This article is mainly text, and so is not very visual. The fonts used are standard and plain, like you would find in a manual or text book. However, I like the small title in the rounded rectangle in the top corner. This appears on almost every page, at the start of each new article. This is the magazine's way of categorising articles. I think that this is an effective way of grouping articles so that when flicking through the magazine, you can see exactly where the articles you are interested in such as techniques are in the magazine. For the target audience, this magazine is very successful in providing interesting reading and layout. Music Producers or Music technologists will find this magazine useful and informative. The language of the article is quite formal with lots of technical information, and so readers who are not very interested in this area would find it difficult to understand. This magazine uses more screenshots than photographs as images are used to demonstrate the techniques in the article, not for visual effect. However I like how the main image looks as if a spotlight has been used on the equipment. Although this is nothing new, it still looks effective. Although this magazine is suitable for the audience, my magazine is for a different audience and so I will have to create a much more interesting layout that looks more like an 'easy to read' magazine, even though it will be quite technical.

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