Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Analysis of a magazine front cover 2

This music magazine "SOUND ON SOUND" is a music magazine about recording music and music production, rather than the music itself. This magazine is usually read by music technology students, teachers, session musicians, producers and engineers. This magazine contains information about new music based technology such as mixers and microphones, and also a couple of articles about artists and music itself. This music magazine is more of a reference magazine rather than an easy to read informal magazine. However, this magazine is a popular choice.
This front cover has a border in the top corner, which looks more interesting than a regular title across the top, but this takes up a lot of space, which could be occupied by other information. The main title is in a box rather than being super imposed onto the image, like the Classic Fm title. The main image used on the front cover is interesting in the sense that it is not just a regular image of a violin. The photographer has made this photograph unique with the placing of the violin and also the manuscript background. 
Like the Classic Fm Magazine cover, there are pieces of information about the articles inside the magazine, which help to show the reader what's inside. Also the image of the Foo Fighters shows that this magazine is not about classical music, and so will attract two audiences as opposed to one. However, this is good as music technology is used for all genres of music.
The colours on this front cover are brighter than Classic FM, but they do not make the magazine more appealing as a whole, this magazine looks a little odd, for example, the blue background would have been better red, as this blue does not really fit with anything else on the cover. 

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