Thursday, 29 January 2009

Preliminary task contents page

Here is a scanned image of my hand drawn plan of a contents page. This contents page has space for lots of images and information. I chose to have the main "Contents" title in a rounded box, as this was more interesting than a plain rectangle. The overlapping images in the top right hand corner is to allow lots of different images related to different articles instead of having lots of text. The numbers in the top corner of each image are to reduce the amount of text on the page and to create a more visual and artistic look. I have placed lists of features and regulars in boxes to make the layout look neat and tidy. I have also placed a secondary image over the main image to continue the overlapping style. I have used an idea throughout this page of placing three dots after each title, this is a way of keeping the style throughout the page. I think that there may be too many images on this contents page, and it would depend on the images themselves if this contents page would look too crowded. Overall I think that my contents page would be successful, however the images and colours used could make a huge difference to the overall look of the page.

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