Monday, 19 January 2009

Music Magazine contents page analysis 4

Opposite is the contents page from an overseas piano festival magazine. This contents page uses a simple layout consisting of a plain white background, rectangular image, and black text. However, this contents page looks sophisticated, but also a little uninteresting. Similar to the "Drummer" magazine, the page number of the article which the image relates to is shown in the corner of the image. As before, this is useful to the reader and also requires less text to be used. I feel that the black text on the white background is very uninteresting, and is not a feature I would like to include in my own magazine. The images used in this contents page use similar colours to the rest of the page, fitting with the colour scheme. This is a good use of photography and colour schemes, as the page looks very well co-ordinated. I feel that the straight alignment of everything on this page is very unattractive, and new angles could have been used to add      more dimension to the page.

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