Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Analysis of a magazine front cover

The front cover shown above is taken from a previous issue of Classic Fm magazine. The colour scheme is made up of mainly white, red and black, which is a common colour scheme for this magazine. The header "Free CD! The UK's favourite Classical music magazine" is used on the front cover of every issue. This is effective as readers are attracted to free gifts, so when this magazine is placed in a rack in a news agent, this headline will be seen clearly. Also the free CD is glued to the front cover (shown in this example). I like the use of an image with text and other small images over it. I think that this is an interesting and effective use of the image. Also the front cover is not too busy, and the eye is drawn to the main picture and the free CD. The use of colour in this front cover is unimaginative and not very appealing, Although it looks sophisticated, it will not do very well in attracting the younger audience. I think that to attract a younger audience, brighter colours should be used. There is a lot of information given on the front cover such as "100 CDs, books, DVDs rated", and "Debut CD Interview" with Kate Royal, "Fiddler on the surf", and "New season preview". This gives the audience an insight into the contents of the magazine. Also by including a variety of different article information on the cover, there appears to be something for every reader. The images used are of good quality, and the magazine looks very professional and sophisticated.

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