Monday, 19 January 2009

Music Magazine contents page analysis 5

This contents page is  from an unknown magazine. However, this is a very unique layout, and that is the reason that I have chosen to comment on it. The black background looks very classy, especially with the white writing on it. The font used looks a little distressed, and adds a modern, vintage look to the layout. I like the way that the top image has been made to look torn at the bottom, this gives a handmade and more unique look that is more interesting than a straight finish. Both lots of text on this page are placed at angles, rather than straight. This makes the layout more interesting and unique amongst other magazines. The images used are blended to the background so that there are no sharp edges on them, this looks effective and seamless. I like the use of colour on this layout as more than one colour is used. The main colour scheme is black, white with a touch of yellow. This makes the images stand out from the text. I do not like the image at the bottom of the page, as because this doesn't have a black background which is blended into the background of the page it looks out of place. Despite this, it is still placed interestingly on an angle, and has more interest that it would if it was aligned straight. I like the heading "features" which is placed vertically. This adds another angle to the layout, and looks very effective.

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