Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Classic Fm Layout Review 2

John Tavener
This article is about the composer John Tavener. This article includes information of his work, interesting facts, a manuscript example of an extract from his work "The Lamb", a quotation from a performer, reviews on some recordings of his work, and other interesting information such as books and concerts.
This layout uses a watercolour style image of the composer with a lamb in a boat. This gives reference to one of his best known works, "The Lamb". Below this is a manuscript example with red circles and letters on, which relate to the text opposite titled "Defining moment". A quotation is also layered onto this image in the top right hand corner. The colours used in this article match and compliment each other well. However they are very dull and boring. I feel that a brighter colour would be more striking. Also this layout is quite boring with the images and text separated, which gives more of a text book feel than a magazine. However, this article contains a lot of information abou the composer, and would be very interesting and useful for students and teachers.

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