Thursday, 15 January 2009

Interesting photographs

This image of Miles Davis is a famous image of the musician. I think this image is intersting as it has a blue colourwash over it, to fit with the blue text used for the title. I would like to use images like this in my magazine, showing musicians in their usual practice locations in addition to the glamorous, more staged photographs. By using the two types of photograph, it will attract more readers, and also provide a contrast to the more staged photographs. 
Because my magazine will combine Classical music and jazz, I would like to use a variety of images to fit with both of these genres. For example, Jazz images are usually less staged than classical music photographs. The contrast can be seen with this image of Miles Davis, compared with the image of Emma johnson, a classical clarinetist shown below. The image of Emma Johnson is staged, and has a more glamorous look than the photograph of Miles Davis.

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