Friday, 9 January 2009

Research into Music Magazines

There are many music magazines at the moment such as Classic fm, BBC music magazine, Sound on Sound, NME, Kerrang and many others.
All of these music magazines cover different aspects and different genres of music. For example, NME covers rock music whilst BBC music magazine covers classical music and classical jazz. Sound on Sound is a magazine based on recording music, and includes information about various technology rather than artists.

I am going to produce a magazine about Classical music and Classical Jazz. I read Classic FM magazine on a regular basis, and find it very useful and informative towards my music studies. The magazine is priced at £4.25 but comes with a free CD each month, and so is very good value for money. This magazine includes the following:
  • Information and review of the free CD
  • Reader Letters
  • Questions and Answers about Classical music
  • Current information and news about the world of CLassical music
  • Album chart
  • Information about classical performers and virtuosos
  • Information on a great composer- Discovering the great composers
  • Collectors choice which is a review of a must have piece with a choice of recordings, and short reviews of them
  • At least one interview with a musician, conductor or composer
  • An article about a historical topic
  • Information and guidance on careers in music
  • A review of a concert hall, opera house or similar venue
  • A review of music technology such as Hi-fis and audio products
  • Information about a classical music holiday
  • Album reviews
  • Opera DVD reviews
  • Classical book reviews
  • A guide to what concerts are on
  • A full list of Radio programs for that month
  • Information of film music
  • Puzzles
  • Special Offers on concert tickets
  • Advertisements
  • Information about a piece form the Hall of Fame(a collection of the most popular and well liked pieces of all time)
  • Cover stories which can vary between information on artists, composers, musical history, instruments, conductors, pieces of music.
I would like my magazine to have some of these features, but some of them I would not include such as advertisements, and radio listings as my magazine will not be produced by a radio station.

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