Thursday, 15 January 2009

Rolling stone magazine front cover analysis

This magazine, Rolling Stone, is a rock music magazine. i have chosen to analyze this front cover as it is very different to the other magazine covers that I have looked at. This front cover has an overall vintage look, which gives a new look to the music magazine industry. This cover used an image in sepia rather than in full colour. Behind this image is a fire image, and a white background is used. The main title "Rolling Stone" is overlapped by a pig image and a text box:"New clues to JFK's murder". This is an interesting use of design, and makes this magazine stand out amongst others. However, this is not good because the title is covered, a reader may be unsure which magazine it is they are buying. The article title "Pink Floyd" is in the same orange to the background fire image, this helps to bring the colour back, and draw attention to the background. The other article titles are written in white to bring back the white background. This is an effective use of colour, which makes this magazine cover look well co-ordinated. The text at the top of the magazine "THE NEXT WAR ON DOWNLOADING" is in a newspaper style font, which contributes to the overall vintage look of the magazine.
Overall, I think this magazine front cover is successful and unique, but personally I prefer the more sophisticated and brighter look.
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