Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Classic Fm February 2009 review of layout

On page 32 of the latest issue of classic fm magazine, an article titled "Seven musical wonders of the world". This page uses an interesting layout of photographs in circles combined with text, which is all layered over a faded globe image. An image of this page is shown opposite.
This layout is very effective, and is also original and eye catching. The use of circles instead on rectangles, gives the page a more modern and individual look. I like the use of colour on this page, using mainly blue, but with full colour photographs. By doing this, the images stand out from the text, and so the eye is immediately drawn to them. A brighter, more complicated background would not help the images to stand out.  However, the font used on this front cover is rather boring, and I feel a more modern font would add to the overall look of the page. I would like to use interesting layouts such as this one myself in my own magazine, but I would like to make them more modern than this one by changing the fonts and maybe adding a border or something, to add further interest. 

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