Monday, 19 January 2009

Music Magazine contents page analysis 3

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This is a contents page taken from the music magazine: "Drummer", which, as the title suggests, is a magazine for drummers. The layout of this page uses black, orange and white as its main colours. This works well, and everything looks well coordinated. The main image is in black and white, with an aged look, this matches with all of the other images which use this look too. I like the use of a large, bold font for the main title:DRUMMER. I also like the use of the Date "01/07" and Contents in the top left hand corner. This stands out, but not as much as the main title. This causes the reader's eye to be drawn to the main title and the main image. The "Regulars" box, is filled in orange. This is placed in the bottom left hand corner and is out of the way as there is nothing new or eye catching in this section. The main articles are listed under the heading "Features". I also like the use of putting the page number in the top corner of the images, this instantly tells the reader which page that image relates to. This is more interesting than just listing the articles, and more useful than images that may not relate to the rest of the magazine. The word "Exclusive" overlaps the image, this causes the text to stand out amongst the other text, and highlights one particular article.
The image in the bottom right hand corner is coloured black and orange, which matches the colour scheme. This is also a new and interesting effect which the photographer has chosen. This is a technique that I would like to try myself when I produce my own images. I would also like to use large headings that stand out amongst the other text.

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