Thursday, 15 January 2009

Circulation figures

Below is a list of magazine circulation figures for various music magazines:
Classic Fm 41,412 ABC Jan-Dec 2007 source: Haymarket Rock 66,632 (67,399) January-June 2008
Kerrang! 60,294 (76,937)January-June 2008
Metal Hammer 48,540 (45,809)January-June 2008
Mixmag 34,073 (35,817)January-June 2008
Mojo 106,367 (106,218 )January-June 2008
NME 56,284 (64,033)January-June 2008
113,174 (131,330)January-June 2008
Rock Sound 22,527 (23,021)January-June 2008
Terrorizer no figures (14,952)January-June 2008
The Fly 105,212 (103,051)January-June 2008
Uncut 86,925 (91,028 )January-June 2008

From the Circulation figures listed above, I can see that the magazine, Q sells the most copies in the popular music and rock music category. Classic fm circulation figures were only available for the time period listed above: Jan-Dec 2007. However, from these figures, I can see that Classic fm sells a lot less magazines than other, more rock music based magazines. This is possibly due to the age range of magazine viewers, which are mainly teenagers.

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