Friday, 16 January 2009

Q magazine front cover analysis

This magazine, Q, sells more copies than most other music magazines and so is a very popular choice. This magazine has a cluttered front cover, which is full of information about the issue. The colours used in  this front cover are mainly black, red and white. The title, Q, is in the top left hand corner, and is only just visible due to the overlapping image. I like the way that this image overlaps the title, but the other text such as "MADONNA" covers the image. This makes the main headline of the magazine stand out more than the title. This will help in attracting new customers, such as fans of Madonna, who would not usually purchase the magazine. The overlapping grey band "Women in music", provides a new dimension to the design, as this banner is tilted, it stands out more. However, the main title of "MADONNA" is what stands out the most. I particularly like the use of colour in this image, and the overall layout is very effective. I would like to reproduce some of the features of this design in my own magazine such as the use of the main image which overlaps but is also overlapped by other images and text.
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