Saturday, 10 January 2009

Ideas for the magazine article

The Main double page spread article will cover one main area of a classical music magazine. Here are my ideas for my main article:
  • A report on a new and upcoming star
  • An overview of a composers career with information about their music and recordings of their music.
  • A full review of a CD or downloadable recording, that has reached the title of  "Recording of the month", or  "Editor's favourite this month" or a similar title
  • A review and information on one particular work by a single composer, with a detailed commentary on the composer's possible intentions for the piece.
  • A review of a performers life, with details of their recordings, and their passion for their instrument or voice. 
My article will include relevant information to the topic, and also possibly music examples (excerpts from a score or piece of music), in addition to photographs. I would like to include photographs of performers, and also instruments and composers, however composers' normally only have paintings of them, but these are what is normally used in other classical music magazines such as BBC music magazine.

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