Friday, 9 January 2009

Initial Ideas

My initial ideas for my Music Magazine are as follows:
  • A Classical music magazine for teenagers and young adults. Currently, the Classical music magazines are for adults, and so there is a gap in the market, which I am going to attempt to fill.
  • The magazine will feature news about upcoming talents, from the younger age group, of a variety of all acoustic instruments such as piano, french horn, violin, oboe,  and voices such as soprano, alto, tenor and bass.
  • Information on composers will also be included, with details of their works, which would help music students with their general music knowledge.
  • The magazine will also contain reviews of new recordings produced by different orchestras such as the hallĂ©  and choirs such as the choir of King's College London, and soloists such as Alison Balsom.
  • Interviews with artists and conductors could also be included to provide information on their careers and to inspire the younger generation.
  • To make the magazine appeal to the younger generation, lots of colours will need to be used, and also interesting uses of photographs and unique layouts that are more stylish and appealing.

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