Thursday, 15 January 2009

Music magazine front cover analysis 3

This front cover is taken from a music magazine which is also about fashion. By covering two areas, this magazine attracts a new audience and fills a gap in the market. For example music and fashion lovers will be able to buy this one magazine rather than two individual magazines.  I have chosen to analyze this front cover because of its interesting layout and use of colour. The main colours used in this layout are mainly pink, gold and black. This is a unique combination, which looks quite feminine but also modern. There are not too many other colours used, which makes this cover look very well colour co-ordinated. Like the Classic fm cover, the main image is used within the background, with the text over the top. I think that this use of image is a good way of using a large image on a cover, and also gives a modern and popular look. I particularly like the star images around the name "Duffy", this gives a glamorous look and also makes the cover look more exciting. In the title, the text has been altered to add a  more interesting look to the name. I like this idea of altering text, but I prefer using musical symbols to make the text look more interesting. The image and text in the top right corner "Gnarls Barkley" looks as though it has been added at the last minute, and in my opinion spoils the overall look of the magazine.
Overall, I think this is a successful magazine cover as it looks modern and unique. 

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